Reduce your energy costs. Solar is a smart investment. The savings from solar typically pay for the upfront cost in about 10 years. After that, you will save significantly on your electricity bill.

Create jobs. Residential solar development is labor-intensive, so it creates lots of local jobs. Solar creates 15 jobs for every 100 households that participate. These are good-paying, living wage careers that do not require a college degree.

Support your community. Participating in Solarize Philly will keep the dollars you spend here in your own city, and will help us train the next generation of solar installers and developers. Solarize Philly will also support low and moderate income households to put solar on their own rooftops.

Combat climate change. Solar reduces the need for dirtier, non-renewable energy, and supports cleaner air and reduced rates of asthma. It cuts carbon emissions, helping Philadelphia meet its goal of 80% carbon reduction by 2050, and lowers your environmental footprint.

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