Discounted Pricing

Solarize Philly has negotiated with equipment suppliers and local solar installers to bring down the cost of going solar. The more people who sign up, the lower the costs will be for everyone.

Consumer Protections

Contracts between installers and consumers are easy to understand and clearly delineate responsibilities. Your installer will provide you with an owner’s manual for your solar system, online monitoring directions, guidance on availability of tax credits and other incentives, and annual follow up.

PEA has contracted with a third party for randomized quality assurance testing to ensure that production is calculated fairly and accurately and that systems are installed as designed.

Standardized Equipment

PEA contracted with a variety of consultants and experts to select standard equipment packages of modules, inverters, and optimizers to ensure performance standards, life of equipment, quality of warranties, ease of monitoring, and availability of product.

Streamlined Application Process

Thanks to the Office of Sustainability’s support, L&I recently streamlined the permitting process for solar. PECO has also been hard at work to make it easier to interconnect solar to the electric grid. PEA works closely with PECO and L&I to manage the influx of applications related to Solarize Philly, and as a result Solarize Philly customers are seeing quicker turnarounds on their permitting and interconnection applications.

Local Job Creation

By installing solar on your rooftop, you are growing the Philadelphia economy. For every 100 households that go solar, 15 full-time living wage jobs are created. By going solar through Solarize Philly, you are also supporting the expansion of solar job training programs in the city and the School District.


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Special financing pilot

PEA is offering a special financing pilot for 45 households as a pilot program. Participants will still be expected to finance a portion of the project, and financing for a variety of credit profiles will be made available.

Qualifying households must meet income guidelines (see the table below), must not be on PECO's Customer Assistance Program, must have a roof less than 5 years old, and cannot have defaulted on any of their PECO bills in the past 12 months. The individual signing up for Solarize Philly must be the person whose name is on the deed to the house.

If you think you qualify and are interested in learning more about the special financing pilot, please check the box below:

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