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GO SOLAR at Home

Solarize Philly is a citywide program to help all Philadelphians go solar at home. The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) launched Solarize Philly to make the process of installing solar as easy and affordable as possible, while also supporting solar training at the School District of Philadelphia and improving access to clean energy for all neighborhoods.

PEA carefully selected high quality installers and equipment, and negotiated discounted prices and important consumer protections to help Philly grow its solar market.

The Goal

Solarize 500 Philadelphia rooftops, more than doubling the number of solar installations in the city.

Households Signed Up


Contracts Signed as of Today


Average Size of Philly Rowhouse Installation

5 kW

Average First Year Savings


Who Is This For?

Solarize Philly is for Philadelphia homeowners who want to install solar on their homes and would like to take advantage of our free solar assessment and discounted pricing. The more people who sign up, the deeper the discounts for everyone. So, spread the word to your neighbors!

How It Works

Homeowners complete the sign-up form and are then connected to one of our approved installers. An installer will provide a free project proposal tailored to your home’s specific needs, based on roof space, electricity usage and other factors.

After you approve and sign a contract, your installer will handle all permitting and engineering requirements and work with PECO to manage the interconnection process before the installation.

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Please enter the address of the home to be solarized. Households must be within the City of Philadelphia to participate.

You must be a homeowner to participate in Solarize Philly. Check here to confirm that you own your home.

Special financing pilot

PEA is offering a special financing pilot for 45 households as a pilot program. This pilot is designed for households who cannot access private financing for solar. You can see the eligibility requirements here on our website.

This is not the only financing option available - your installer will provide at least one financing option and many participants have used home equity loans as another way to make the upfront investment.

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